[urbanize + -er] . Noun.  (plural: urbanizers)

  1. One who helps a place develop into a city.
  2. A place that takes on the characteristics of a city.

At Urbanizer, we believe Canada is the most amazing place on earth. Each main city has its very own identity, its own trends, its own character, its own awesome bloggers.

Urbanizer allows you to explore the best every city has to offer and to connect with local businesses with the ease of a simple click. You can also discover your new favourite bloggers by browsing through our database of publishers. Find out which article or video is trending in your area, discover all the latest breaking news or simply enjoy engaging fresh content about your beloved city!

What Is Urbanizer?

Urbanizer is a local aggregator that accurately selects trustworthy content from the best publishers and bloggers around the country in an effort to showcase the identity of each city. By mixing technological solutions and hand-made curation, Urbanizer brings you the most popular content in your city each day – think food and dining, arts and culture, travel, lifestyle, fashion, and a host of topics that celebrate our Canadian culture.

What's Our Goal?

Our mission is to create a comprehensive platform that’s 100% local-oriented. Our goal is to support creators of local content and to give them even more visibility while promoting cool stuff, new local businesses, and activities and events across the country.

Why Are You On Urbanizer?

All the websites featured on Urbanizer have been manually approved because they were responsive, user-friendly, interesting and local-oriented.

Each publisher has its own dedicated page and feed, along with a description of the website, the website URL and social media links.

How Does Urbanizer Work?

You might be familiar with content aggregators such as Digg or Flipboard – Urbanizer is similar to them but focuses more on displaying the best of each Canadian city.

Thanks to the technology used by Urbanizer, every time someone visits a particular publisher’s articles via Urbanizer, that publisher acquires one additional visit and will be able to see the traffic/data in their analytics as referral traffic.

If a publisher is doing display advertising of any kind, they will also get additional impressions/clicks, exactly as they would were someone to enter directly from their website.

Urbanizer DOES NOT add or modify any paid advertisement to what’s on the websites it features, nor does it benefit from it in any way. Urbanizer also DOES NOT modify the content in any way; it preserves the integrity of the articles and displays them exactly as they appear on their host website.

Please note these publishers can withdraw from the platform at any time just by emailing us at urbanizer@yp.ca.

More Interesting Things To Come!

Please keep in mind that many updates and new features will be implemented to our website very soon. Things will get even more exciting! Come back often to discover all the new functionalities we will be adding and don’t forget to follow us on social media!

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  1. For any requests, suggestions or comments, please contact us at urbanizer@yp.ca.
  2. If you have a blog but haven’t seen it on the platform yet, we want to hear about it! Submit your website and if it fits the requirements, we’ll add it to our data base.
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